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Welcome to the official website of Langwen Intelligence Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd.!

Langwen Intelligence Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

+86 13906192003

Focus on automation equipment with high-quality services

Good reputation, excellent corporate culture

A professional, high-standard technology-based enterprise

Integrate the research and development, production, sales and technical services of fully automated equipment

Committed to provide stable, high-quality, cost-effective, and high-quality service automation equipment

Customize exclusive intelligent manufacturing solutions for you

High-quality products fully implement the requirements of quality management system

Strict quality control in production process!

The product passes through multiple processes, and each process strictly controlled by professionals

Fully implement the requirements of the quality management system, and strictly control quality in the production process

Strict inspection system from production to delivery

Not forever

Only constant innovation!

Langwen carefully builds a completely different manufacturing enterprise

Analyze the improvement points in production for enterprise

Advising a feasible improvement plan through improving production technology and production methods

Assisting client's customers to achieve higher quality, higher efficiency, and lower cost production models

Logistics distribution service and after-sales service system

Let you have no worries!

Professional distribution and transportation, cross-regional service capabilities and long-term cooperation with many logistic companies to ensure products reach at the site quickly and on time!

The nationwide after-sales service network system allows you to find us at any time!

Professional service team, one-to-one technical guidance

Langwen Intelligence Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

Langwen Intelligence Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd., specialized in providing one-stop solutions for intelligent manufacturing, a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales of  industrial automation equipment. The company has strong automation technology design team, industry-leading robot intelligent application core technology and other customized automatic transformation experience. Lang wen analyze the improvement plans in production process and customize various automation solutions, to enable production companies equipment has been intelligently improved and transformed to meet the requirements of automated operations.We help our clients to achieve high efficiency and saving cost, realize the automation of product processing, digitization, informatization, and unmanned management of product processing.

+86 139 0619 2003
Labeling machines are gradually emerging as the "darling" of the market in packaging equipment
In recent years, my country’s food and drug safety incidents have continued one after another, severely hitting people’s trust in food and drug safety...
Comply with the development of fully automatic labeling machine breaks through the market
The main function of the automatic labeling machine is to seal the top with glued labels. With the continuous development of industrial production...
In the new era, automatic labeling machines have attracted much attention
In recent years, the types of labeling machines are gradually increasing, and the technical level has also been greatly improved...
Common faults and solutions of labeling machines
In modern society, labeling machines include semi-automatic or fully automatic labeling machines, which are used more and more widely. According to the shape of the products to be labeled, they are divided into flat labeling machines, round bottle labeling machines, or collectively called self-adhesive labeling machines...
Carton labeling machine, carton two-dimensional code labeling machine, automatic carton labeling machine
The carton labeling machine is essentially a fully automatic carton labeling machine. Because it can be used to label large cartons, we commonly call it a large carton labeling machine. Let's introduce this big carton labeling machine...

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